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Senior Lucian Phillips shoots a music video of Detroit rapper Eastside. Phillips has a video production business called Phillips Productions.

Blue Jay Launches Production Company

Young Businessman Creates Music Videos
Blake Benford, Staff Writer February 15, 2016

Senior Lucian Phillips is not waiting to earn a business degree before starting his own business. The young entrepreneur owns a production company called Phillips Productions, which produces high-definition...

Ho-Ho-No! Early Christmas Carols Wear on Listeners

Takiyah Wahhab, Staff Writer December 11, 2014

Has the jingle, jingle, jingle of the “Jingle Bells” song worn out its welcome with you yet? Choir Director Christopher Kuhn says the Christimas carols seem to start earlier and earlier every year,...

10 Tips: How to Run a Successful Business

Rayven Malone, Staff Writer November 11, 2014

Business teacher Erin McBrien says she does not approve of students who sell candy, pop or chips out of their backpacks in school, but she offers these 10 tips to start a successful business: 1....

The deal: When the school stopped selling candy in its vending machines. a handful of students started selling candy out of their bookbags, lockers and purses.

CANDY PUSHERS: Student Sellers Bypass Sugar Ban

Rayven Malone, Staff Writer November 11, 2014
As a result of the lunchroom changes, enterprising students have become walking vending machines, selling potato chips, Honey Buns, chocolate bars and other forbidden caloric treats.
Artwork by Aasif Allen

Life Will Test Grads on Subjects Not Taught in School

Briana Sparks, Editorial Editor December 16, 2013

The idea of high school that has been pushed upon its attendees is that it is preparing graduates for the next chapters in life - adulthood and college. However, many students across America graduate without...

Some girls take Silly Bandz seriously

Jasmine Walker November 11, 2010

The new trend called Silly Bandz is all in the wrist. People of all ages are wearing the bright, fun-shaped, colorful silicone bracelets that come in shapes of animals, numbers, letters and even popular...

School budget cuts mean making do with less

Rashad Timmons October 11, 2010

As sixth hour draws to a close, the anxious students enrolled in Vernon Burden’s seventh hour math class prepare themselves for the wild race to his room, B-115. Burden’s Pre-Calculus class is so...

Business students plan launch of new fragrance

Nkemjika Obioha October 11, 2010

A handful of students are trying to create the sweet smell of success. They plan to launch a new fragrance called "My 2 Scents." Their product idea comes from the M-Reach group, which is a team of students...

Future entrepreneurs get boost from University of Michigan

Logan Patmon April 2, 2009

Becoming a teenage millionaire is a dream shared by many young people, but few have the business resources to become one. The University of Michigan hopes to help a handful of Southfield High School (SHS)...

Teachers reveal their favorite books

By Ariana Dadashzadehzanjani May 19, 2009

A group of seniors will be leaving a lasting legacy in the school’s library. The seniors created a shelf in the library that stores the favorite books of Southfield High staff members. The Teachers’...

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